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Bottom line up front: Stone's Goods is a technology-driven Amazon agency that makes selling on Amazon profitable



Small account management

  • 8 Parent ASINs or less

  • Great for small but mighty brands

  • Most cost effective

Large account management

  • 8 Parent ASINs or more

  • Great for brands with big launch plans and a sizeable catalog

  • Most popular

Embedded in your business

  • For the brand that needs a "head of Amazon"

  • Best for large catalogs or challenging niches

  • Space is limited

Which option is right for you? 

Our pricing is customized to fit the size of your account.


If you're not sure which service level is right for you, don't worry. Accounts with more than 8 parent ASINs are typically classified as large account management, but we are able to be flexible as the pricing is based on sales volume and account management time.


Embedded in your business is us acting as your internal head of Amazon, so space is limited.

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We’re a team of data obsessed PPC Experts, who got fed up with the current tools on the market, and decided to build the tools we wished existed. 

They're called the P.O.D.S. dashboards and we're obsessed with them


We did this so we could provide best in class service, and run advanced strategies for our clients


If you’re tired of the cookie-cutter ACOS management approach, we are your people



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Introducing, the P.O.D.S. dashboards. The tools we built ourselves, because we couldn't find them anywhere else.

Keyword ranking dashboards

​Dashboards to help us monitor and evaluate the performance of single keyword campaigns. These dashboards include information on keyword rankings, search term performance, placement performance, and performance during the launch of keywords. These features allow us to effectively track the success of our campaigns and make informed decisions for optimization.

ASIN management dashboards

Top seller tracking capabilities to monitor the performance of top-selling products. The dashboard also features goals-based scorecards to track progress towards specific performance targets. It also includes product launch tracking to monitor the success of new product launches and seasonal trends analysis to understand changes in product performance over time. These features provide valuable insights and allow us to make informed decisions to drive sales and growth.

Inventory and competitor dashboards

Features to help manage inventory risks and monitor the last day of stock for products. Includes competitor activity monitoring to keep track of the competition and stay ahead in the market. Additionally, it offers storage fee estimation to help manage costs and optimize storage strategies. These features help businesses to minimize risks and costs while maximizing sales and growth.

Special projects dashboards

Product launch tracking to monitor the performance of new products and identify trends early and often. Includes keyword and conversion hunting dashboards to identify new keyword ranking opportunities.




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